Meet Jim and Joyce McLeod, the owners of Highland Foto. Both Jim and Joyce grew up surrounded by artistic influences.  Jim’s father was a prominent artist on the Gulf Coast, and his mother a musician. He passed up a music scholarship to join the Navy and serve his country.  Like Jim’s parents, Joyce's parents loved to travel, and her father continues to sing and play the guitar. Her mother was an extremely talented quilter and embroiderer and dabbled in other creative outlets as well.  


Joyce's interest in photography began in her early teens with a small Kodak pocket camera.  Her ability and interest increased with the gift of a 35mm Canon camera in high school.  In college she worked for a photographer and learned how to develop and print black and white film.


Joyce has continued her passion for creativity in many areas, including the creation of jewelry, numerous crafts, and in music through her singing and playing the piano. She has become skilled in numerous types of needlework,.  However, photography has fueled her passions more than any other creative endeavors.  Over the last few years, has focused relentlessly on improving her photography and digital processing skills.   Her passion for landscape photography began when she was inspired by the works of Ansel Adams.  Her commercial photography inspirations are Robb Grimm, Don Giannatti, Tony Roslund, and a plethora of relatively "unknown" photographers out there doing some amazing work but haven't necessarily achieved the level of recognition of the more well known guys.  "There are some amazing photographers out there creating some incredible works of art.  Sometimes you stumble upon them while browsing on instagram and you are just blown away by their creativity.  I am as motivated and inspired by these folks as I am by the masters." 


After joining the Navy, Jim’s father provided him with his first camera, a 35mm Yashica.


Jim has always had a passion for aircraft, no doubt inherited from his father, who was a US Army Air Corps bomber pilot during WWII, and later flew transport aircraft for the US Air Force. Jim’s first job was at a small airport, where he took 80% of his pay in flight time. Since Jim’s father also operated charter boats and performed watch repair when he owned a jewelry store, it’s fitting that Jim joined the Navy and worked on intricate electronics equipment installed on aircraft.  Jim has earned his Part 107 certification and Highland Foto now offers professional drone photography, with additional services coming soon!


In the last couple of years Jim and Joyce have developed an interest in astrophotography. You may find them on clear moonless nights at the top of the dam at Lake Laura shooting the milky way, or peering through their telescopes at the constellations.

Highland Foto has branched out into product photography for e-commerce sellers over the last few years, providing product on white background (a requirement of some e-commerce sellers) and branding and lifestyle photography.


Jim and Joyce continue their parent’s fascination with travel, and are enamored of the beauty that our world and universe offers. Please enjoy our photography as we strive to share the beauty that we find with you!

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Highland Foto was blessed to be able to advertise in Times Square on November 2.  

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