Highland Foto’s Cross Country Trip Planning – Transportation and Accommodations

Photo by: Airstream, Inc.

Our planning for our cross country trip next year continues. Our goal is to hit as many big scenic points of interest as possible – particularly National Parks –and get as many landscape and astrophotography and Milky Way shots as we can squeeze in.

Ok first of all, we will NOT be traveling in an airstream (pictured above). Airstreams are such a symbol of Americana and it would be amazing to have one for this All American Road Trip, but unfortunately it is not within our budget.

Currently, we are considering mode of transportation and our accommodations. At this point we have ruled out flying (too much photo equipment) and hotels (too much packing and unpacking and repacking). We are planning to camp but when I say camp – think RV – not tent. Ok, you can call it “glamping” if you insist, but there really is nothing glamorous about emptying black water tanks.

Currently we are looking at tow capabilities, and tow weights and paying particular attention to GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings) and GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Ratings). This weekend we visited Camping World in Manassas VA. They have a huge selection of every sort of RVs available.

This little bugger caught our attention.

First of all it is just too cute! It is small enough it could fit in our garage. It has a dining table that converts to a large bed, a TV – with a sound bar, a stove top, a large dorm size fridge with a decent size freezer (relatively speaking of course), a microwave and a TOILET! (No heading to the campground public bathroom in the middle of night!)

It sure beats camping in a tent, but for a trip of the magnitude we are looking to take, we decided it really did not meet our needs (you know the need to have some personal space every now and then). But it is cute!

They also had a “pop-up” camper that has a hard ceiling/walls. It’s an A-frame (Rockwood) made by Forest River. (Unfortunately I did not take a photo of it). Again, cute cute cute! But no toilet, a super small dorm fridge with no freezer, and very little storage. So we moved on to the Coleman and Grey Wolf travel trailers which seem to meet our needs a lot better, but are too heavy to be towed with our current vehicles.

So the planning continues.

Have you ever done a cross country trip? What was your mode of transportation and what accommodations did you have? What lessons did you learn? What would you do differently? We would love to hear from those who have gone before us. Feel free to share your photos with us too!

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