HighlandFoto Aviation is here!

Now that Jim has earned his FAA Part 107 certification, Highland Foto is pleased to offer commercial aerial imagery and mapping services.

Our services are continuing to expand, at present we offer high-definition (4K 60fps) aerial video, and 20M pixel still imagery.

We use a variety of software capable of compositing or combining multiple images to create extremely detailed panoramas.

As an example, this image was created by seamlessly stitching 15 different images together.

Commercial drone use has many applications, ranging from unique camera positions that are virtually impossible to attain or are extremely expensive with other platforms, to orbiting videos of points-of-interest, to aerial mapping. Highland Foto is looking forward to growing these capabilities.

The image below is a panorama created from 13 separate images stitched together.

If you have an aerial imagery need, feel free to contact us for more information.

More to follow, we look forward to developing these exciting new capabilities and sharing them with you!

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